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the hives: part 2!

well well well. today was amazing. I MET THE HIVES!!!! they were doing soundcheck, and i was standing outside by the door. i couldnt go TOO close, because the people would yell at me. but when they were done, dr. matt saw me standing there, and he waved. so i waved back and smiled. he came out to have a smoke, then the rest came out. omggggg. i was like 'holy crap. is this happening??' it was. they introduced themselves, and i met their personal assistant, Jaokem [ya-oh-kim](i cant spell/pronounce his name. haha). he was so nice! i talked to matt for quite a bit, told him i tried to learn swedish, but it was sooo hard. i got my Barely Legal cd booklet signed :] it was such a surreal experience.
they were going for lunch and they wanted mexican food. so nic was like "wheres a good mexican place to get food?" awwww. i had no idea. haha. and they ALL had iphones!! lmao!
then i mentioned that i didn't have a ticket, and guess what...! Jaokem was like "whats your name, i'll put you ON THE HIVES GUEST LIST." WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. OH MY GOD. i was kinda shaking and teary. i was like "im sorry im tearing up. im SUCH a nerd." hey, fave band. its expected. so i give him my name and all i have to do is to go to the ticket window to get my tickets. well, its a 21+ venue. and im 20. i got the tickets just fine, but they wouldnt let me in because i 'didnt have a gov't issued ID.' laaaaame. so, i called Jaokem, he gave me his number in case this happened. he said he'll try to find a way, and to call him back in a half hour. so i did, and he said he was really sorry, but theres no way that i could go in. :[ i was like "...ok *sad* do you think i could buy a shirt? ill give yo money for one." he said ok, and to meet him where i was earlier. chris (the drummer) passes by, and i told him that i couldnt go into the show. so then i see Jaokem and hes like what shirt do you want? i told him just a M tour shirt. i also asked him how much it was, and he said he'll just give it to me for FREE. sooooo when he comes back out, he has a bag. hes like "we sold out of M tour shirt, but heres a L one, and a M other one. some buttons, pins, stickers and a patch. i was like "WHAT?!!? NO WAY!!!" all free. i couldnt believe it. i hugged him. i also got pelle, nic, and matt to sign my shirt. then i had to go because i needed to catch the bus.
but oh my god you guys. this was SUCH a dream come true.
oh! and i was interviewed for FM94.9 a local radio station. so listen for me! i gave a shout out to War Stories, too. hahaha.
haha and The Hives also did an interview. and i got to be right there watching. so cool.

but yeah, so heres the pics.
GUHHHHHH AMAZINGGGGG!!!!! :] i couldnt be happier...

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somment to be added. :]


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